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A Sample of Completed Projects

Premonition of Terror by Kathryn Orzech

     DreamWatch Press

Asylum by Kathryn Orzech

     DreamWatch Press

Savor by Monica Murphy

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Torn by Monica Murphy

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Crave by Monica Murphy

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Intoxicated by Monica Murphy

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Desperately Seeking Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

     Avon Imprints/Print Matters, Inc.

Wicked Lies by Karina Cooper

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Various States of Undress: Carolina by Laura Simcox

     HarperCollins/Print Matters, Inc.

Angela’s Legacy by Maryl Damian

Nikolai my love by Maryl Damian

     Amazon Books

Life After Flex by Jeffry Houser

Samuel’s Inheritance by J Suzanne Foster

The Upside of Down by Janice Angelique


A Cut Above by Janice Angelique

     Amazon Books

Immortal Gains by Janice Angelique

     Amazon Books

The Business Life Cycle  by Jack Veale

Brochures and Technical Journals

     Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center


"My thriller was due for updated front and back matter, an opportune time to snag those pesky proofing errors within, so I searched for a once-and-for-all copy editor. Nancy's solid work experience, completed projects, and client testimonials sold me. Though my job fell during a busy holiday season, she completed the work when promised with staggering detail, catching what others missed, and flagging a few spots needing clarification. Nancy is a true professional and was a joy to work with. I will definitely use her services for future books. I highly recommend her if you want your work right the first time.

Thanks, Nancy."
Kathryn Orzech


“Nancy is very easy to work with while being very professional. I don’t say that about a lot of people. When I needed a rush edit she didn’t hesitate to say yes at a negotiable price. And she was right on time as promised. She knows her stuff and catches mistakes that other editors missed (thanks for that).”                                               

Janice Angelique


“Nancy’s copyediting blends the technician’s strength with the wordsmith’s nuance. She is reliable and conscientious. She excellently communicates any needs and independently manages her schedule. She is a pleasure to work with and thoroughly professional."

David Andrews

Managing Editor, Print Matters, Inc.


“Nancy, I would like to thank you for editing my book recently. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail of your corrections and suggestions. As a new author, I knew I didn’t have the expertise to do this job. Thank you again.”                                             

J Suzanne Foster


“Based on her reputation, Nancy was hired to assist with the creation of marketing brochures and a technical journal for the hospital. Besides lending guidance and insightful perspective, she suggested changes in sentence structure and syntax, thereby enabling us to put out a more professional-looking product. It was a pleasure working with her and she will no doubt be hired again for future projects.”

Dr. Daniel Schwartz

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center


"As a first-time author, I needed someone to copyedit my book, Nikolai my love. Nancy’s professionalism and attention to detail made my novel the best it could be. Also, using her creative expertise, she designed the cover which was exactly what I was looking for and guided me through the self-publishing process. I was so impressed and comfortable working with Nancy, that I dedicated my first book to her. She is also copyediting my second novel and will soon begin on a third. There aren’t enough ways to say 'Thank You'."              

Maryl Damian

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