Correct errors in spelling: I refer to a dictionary a lot (not alot). I will never assume a word is spelled correctly; I will verify it. I do not use spell-checking software. It serves a purpose for some, but it will not alert you if you write its but mean it’s.

Correct errors in grammar: I will check for subject/verb agreement, parallel construction, fragmented sentences, verb tense,  active/passive voice, and more.

Correct errors in punctuation: Those little marks are there for a reason. They control the flow of the sentence and make your writing easy to understand. They control your words in print just like your voice controls your speech.  A sentence can take on a whole new meaning just by changing the punctuation but not the words.

Eliminate redundancies: A word is a terrible thing to waste.  I will make sure you do not waste words with phrases like unexpected surprise, the reason why, or may possibly.

Check for correct word usage: It is easy to confuse words that sound similar or have similar meanings such as capital/capitol, anxious/eager, among/between, further/farther, fewer/less, can/may, etc. I will make sure the correct word is used.

Verify facts: Any historical dates, events, locations, quotes, etc. will be verified using the Internet.

Reword confusing sentences: Simple changes will be made to fix issues such as the positioning of adjectives, dangling participles, misleading connectives, and split infinitives. If a more detailed rewrite is needed, I will leave a comment for you with suggestions.

Create a style sheet: I will create a style sheet of names, descriptions, locations, odd spellings, hyphenated words, and more to ensure consistency throughout the book. 




When all the rewrites are done, you’ve had your book copyedited, and you are pleased with your final product but want that assurance of a final set of eyes on your manuscript, then proofreading is all you need. For proofreading, I will check for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Of course, if I find something that I feel has been overlooked, I will bring it to your attention.


Copyediting manuscripts:

1.5 cents (.015) per word

Proofreading manuscripts:

one cent (.01) per word

All projects, other than book manuscripts, such as brochures, newsletters, resumes, advertising material, etc. will be charged at a rate of $45 per hour. A price will be quoted upon seeing the material.

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