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Correct errors in spelling: I refer to a dictionary a lot (not alot). I will never assume a word is spelled correctly; I will verify it. I do not use spell-checking software. It serves a purpose for some, but it will not alert you if you write its but mean it’s.

Correct errors in grammar: I will check for subject/verb agreement, parallel construction, fragmented sentences, verb tense,  active/passive voice, and more.

Correct errors in punctuation: Those little marks are there for a reason. They control the flow of the sentence and make your writing easy to understand. They control your words in print just like your voice controls your speech.  A sentence can take on a whole new meaning just by changing the punctuation but not the words.

Eliminate redundancies: A word is a terrible thing to waste.  I will make sure you do not waste words with phrases like unexpected surprise, the reason why, or may possibly.

Check for correct word usage: It is easy to confuse words that sound similar or have similar meanings such as capital/capitol, anxious/eager, among/between, further/farther, fewer/less, can/may, etc. I will make sure the correct word is used.

Verify facts: Any historical dates, events, locations, quotes, etc. will be verified using the Internet.

Reword confusing sentences: Simple changes will be made to fix issues such as the positioning of adjectives, dangling participles, misleading connectives, and split infinitives. If a more detailed rewrite is needed, I will leave a comment for you with suggestions.

Create a style sheet: I will create a style sheet of names, descriptions, locations, odd spellings, hyphenated words, and more to ensure consistency throughout the book. 



Copyediting manuscripts:

1 cent (0.01) per word

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