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My objective is to make good writing even better. We all know how aggravating it can be to read a book that has not been properly edited. Some mistakes can be amusing, but most are just annoying. No one should have to reread a sentence to get a clear meaning of what the author is trying to say. Errors in grammar or misused words can cause readers to take a writer’s work less seriously.


Even the most experienced writers make mistakes. After spending an incredible amount of time writing a novel and reading it over and over again, one tends to see what one wants to see. I provide a fresh set of eyes on your work and act as a safety net before publication.


I read each manuscript three times. The first read-through is to familiarize myself with the storyline, establish a style sheet, and catch any glaring errors. On the second read-through, I do detailed copyediting using Microsoft Word Track Changes. The reference books I use are The Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, Garner's Modern English Usage, and the Internet. During the last read-through, I turn off Track Changes to see what the final product will look like and finish any copyediting that needs to be done.


I prefer to charge by the word, not by the hour. I would rather spend my time paying attention to my copyediting than paying attention to the clock. Plus, you will know the cost upfront based on the final word count of your manuscript.

All genres will be accepted. If you are looking for a developmental editor to evaluate, critique, and revise your manuscript, then hiring someone experienced with a particular subject is a good idea. But when it comes to copyediting, the same rules apply for sci-fi, romance, mystery, memoir, or thriller. I enjoy having a variety of subjects to copyedit just as I enjoy the many writing styles I see. Each book is a challenge, a learning experience, and a pleasure to read.

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